People are Talking About You

People are talking abut you, by @tesla_truth

Today someone messaged me saying “Hey. People are talking about you behind your back”.

I’ve met a lot of great people in the Tesla community and I value my relationship with a lot of you. If I did something to make you upset and you consider me a friend, I’m always here to listen. I’m not always good at understanding social things –– I’m a computer programmer, not a politician. If I did something wrong it’s probably more about my own ignorance than anything you did.

On the other hand, If you don’t consider me a friend or care about our relationship, nobody is forcing you to read what I write.

A Strong Community

In these good times, the amount of middle school drama has skyrocketed faster than Tesla’s share price. I seriously worry about what will happen to the community when times get tough if this is how people act when times are good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard things like “Oh we don’t like him because he’s friends with so and so or said this and that”. Come on! Let go of your anger and hatred, it feels good. People aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes often.

Do you think transitioning the world from oil to sustainable energy is going to be easy? There are trillions of dollars invested in making sure the transition to sustainable energy is delayed as much as possible. Everyone who hates Tesla is united together. They want to wipe Tesla off the face of the Earth. How united will we be? It seems like after defeating our enemies, the Tesla community turned on each other.

If you support electric vehicles, clean energy, and sustainable transportation, you’re in the minority. The other side is much louder and angrier than we are, and they want to tear us apart.

Greg Wester isn’t the enemy just because he has doubts about Autopilot. He’s a Tesla supporter who owns a Performance Model 3. It’s okay to disagree with him, but let’s all remember what team we’re on.

If you think the war for the electric vehicle is over and won, it’s not. Don’t get complacent. The hardest part, the toughest struggles…

They have yet to come, and we’ll need to be united when they do.

8 thoughts on “People are Talking About You

  1. Maybe Greg Wester isn’t an enemy, but he seems hardly a friend either. Owning a Tesla doesn’t absolve a person of being an arrogant dick to people while seemingly never conceding anyone’s points or even acknowledging other’s viewpoints as fair. That’s been my experience interacting with him on Twitter and the experience I see others having with him. We’re approaching a million Tesla owners, not every one of them is going to be an angel. I appreciate your general message though, man.

  2. Nothing wrong with your social skills as far as I can tell… While it’s a pity you got banned from Twitter because you were a bit reckless in taunting the haters, I truly can’t think of any good reason why anyone else would dislike you 🙁

    I guess that’s just an instance of the unfortunate backlash that inevitably comes with success. In the relatively short time you have been active in the Tesla Twitter sphere, you already became one of its top stars. (And in my personal opinion, the most powerful one in spreading the message…)

    1. hahah thanks. I don’t regret being “reckless” I think the shorts are just a little crazy to send all those fake complaints. everything ended up working out ok though

  3. You are one of the greatest minds in the Tesla fanboy community. A good mix of intelligence, enthusiasm and a touch of arrogance. As I’ve heard others say, if you don’t have a few haters, you aren’t really pushing yourself hard enough.

    I would be more active in the community (And pissing more people off), but I’m getting my house ready for sale and it’s taking more time than I hoped.

    Will you make it to Buffalo in April? If so, I hope to meet you there.

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